Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi All!  How busy can a grandma get?  Well this Mamaw has been burning the candle at both ends!  Lots of heart projects... Denim For Vets, quilts to be completed for my family, beginner quilting classes are in the works...  It is great when life is being LIVED!  

Thanks for hanging in there with me, as sometimes online stuff takes a backseat to real life. 

I just completed a handout for those who would like to read about fabric precuts, and also "how many blocks do I need?....  "  Bed sizes anymore are suggestive only... LOTS of odd sizes out there! 

Measure where you want the quilt to go, if you are aiming from a decorating standpoint.  I would recommend keeping it 100 inches either way or less.  Quilts that big are going to fit just fine on 108" backing, eliminating the need to piece your quilt back.  Cost effective and will fit on the long arm frame just fine. 

Tab is going up after this post!  Photo:  Ruler work by Amy Johnson

Monday, September 25, 2017

Identifying An Antique Quilt Pattern

             Identifying An Antique Quilt Pattern

One of our quilting group members shared a gorgeous family heirloom with us last week.  Annette wanted to know what the pattern was.  We thought perhaps it was something with Lemoyne Star.  

Seems that the basic part of a pattern is used, and often embellished, then given a totally different name.  So out came the reference books.  
Family Quilt Circa early 1930's Shared By Annette Hoeft

Updated and Modernized version of the quilt.  
StarFlower Blocks Courtesy of Sarah Eischen, Tammy Coiner, Toni Devine and Karen Fulbright.  (photo by Karen Fulbright)

These next two photos are excerpted from the book:  The American Quilt Story  The How-T and Heritage of a Craft Tradition  By Susan Jenkins and Linda Seward.  (I will bring this for everyone to enjoy on Thursday)   
I got very excited when I ran across this one... not exactly the right pattern, but on the right track.  This is circa 1860, made at a "Bee" in the north to raise funds for the Union Cause.  
This "Snow Crystal" quilt was made in Oklahoma in the 1920s.  Love the dark blue sashing with white cornerstones.  The blue/white colorway is reminiscent of mosaic or maybe Arabic tiling... 

After much searching, the pattern was found.  It is called "Snow Crystal"  
It was indeed started with a "Lemoyne Star"  (from Pinterest)

So....  What is the difference between all these star patterns.  Having just finished a big block quilt with the "Starflower" block, I was curious.  Our Starflower was an eight point star done entirely with whole blocks in the corners and in everything else (the star itself) done with half-square triangles.  

The specific difference in these two types of blocks is that the Lemoyne Star has diamonds and triangles and squares, requiring advanced setting skills and "Y" seams.  If you look carefully at the construction of the individual units you can see that the diamonds in one piece are more elongated, and the triangle between each set of star points is considerably shorter than a half-square triangle, requiring the dreaded "Y" seam to connect the units.  

Starflower units of half square triangles are more evenly balanced and require less finesse in the piecing... lending themselves wonderfully to chain piecing and quick construction. 

So hats off and a toast to the "SNOW CRYSTAL"  a peek back in time! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Krazy Horse Quilters 2017 Quilt Show

Holy Cow... I was not prepared for the NUMBERS!  Lots of quilts.  Shout out to the featured quilter Joyce Dean Gieszler!  Had a very nice visit with her and enjoyed her display.  Sharing some snaps here: 

I always love seeing the same pattern in different colorways. "Safe Travels" (top) and "Grandma's Surprise" (bottom)are pictured here.  I was surprised to find someone who ENJOYED math (my total nemesis) and said a little "Bless your heart"  LOL!  Meant in the nicest southern way... I can't imagine what it would be like to be good at math... but we did get a chuckle out of my amazement... (NOW I know who to call when I get stuck)

Joyce has a couple of VERY nice books out, very well done and at this point I was confident that the math would be right... hahaha...  Please check out her blog and store HERE: 

I added "Fantastic Stash Quilts"  and "Then and Now Quilts" to my library.  I'm thinking they will become dog-eared favorites! 

Here is the rest of Joyce's display.  LOVE the vibrant colors and great staging.  Enjoy peeps!
Betsy's Quilt  (pattern in Fantastic Stash Quilts)

I was thinking a pot of tea might be nice... LOL!  So fun!

Bending The Rules

Spinning Triangles


Two "Safe Travels"" quilts, different colorways.


"CrossRoads" pattern in Then and Now Quilts

"Grandma's Surprise"

"Dutch Friendship"
Just wish my photography could capture how vibrant these colors are...  GORGEOUS work. 

Thanks to Joyce for her patience in answering my questions... 

This is a MUST see show each year!  Lots of vendors and a fun time visiting with folks who will share your passion for beautiful quilts!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

How many of you like Bonnie Hunter??   I found this YouTube the other day, and thought you all might enjoy!

Link to my personal "ad free" blog on blogspot!

Inviting you to hop over for a view on our way home from the Wenaha Muzzleloader's Rendezvous at Grizz Flats in Troy, Oregon.  Discussing star quilt blocks today!
Family Cast Iron And Traditions

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tim Latimer: Vintage Treadle Machine Expert

I will be sharing things as we go along.  Today, I wanted to share with you an amazing video.  I have a love for vintage machines, and Tim Latimer does an amazing job with his free motion quilting and embroidery on Treadle Machines. 

Friday, February 3, 2017


Hello to my quilting friends!  BlogSpot has been home to my personal blog "Family Cast Iron And Traditions" for a few years now.  Our new page will be a work in progress for a little while until I can get things uploaded and ready for action! 

I will continue to use Facebook.  If you will be kind enough to bookmark this blog, we will have backup in case FaceBook acts up or decides to give me grief as they have with another page I admin. 

This is a very user-friendly area, and I will be looking forward to seeing your comments and posts should you care to do so!  Love having pictures shared of projects completed, quilts you may have done in the past, family heirlooms etc... 

(This is the Rocky Ridge Road south of Pilot Rock which the group is named for)